Wouldn't it be AMAZING to be part of a Goddess Club that empowers you as an authentic powerful goddess, gives you access to empowering women, so that you can thrive? 

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Some of the opportunities available for you are:

  • Empowerment and Support
  • ​Download and Release to Power On
  • ​Coach Facilitated Discussions
  • ​Collaborations, Networking and Connections
  • ​Added Multi Media Resources
  • ​Host Weekly Facebook Live plus one promotional text post in the Areti Goddess Events Facebook Group 
  • ​Your Feature Interview in the Case Study for the Rise of Female Leaders
  • ​Bi-Weekly at 7pm AEDT Mondays, recorded for Replays

"You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With." ~ Jim Rohn

Join the hottest women’s community, where we support each other, collaborate and showcase our offerings! 

I am excited to bring to you our Areti Goddess Club!

The Areti Goddess Club

"Tula brings an abundance of optimism to the Goddess Club. She is truly welcoming and generous. So gals if you want to get your game on and make changes, join the club!" 
Roslyn B
Sydney, Australia

Some of the reasons why joining our empowering membership will Ensure you Thrive

  • You have a safe, confidential and Empowering Network at your disposal
  • ​You don't have to be isolated or unsupported again!
  • ​Focussed and clear, free of clutter, self-sabotage and overwhelm
  • ​Centred, peaceful regardless of chaos and drama
  • ​Network and Collaborate
  • ​Enjoy the amplified energy of empowering women together
  • ​You get to showcase what you do and promote upcoming events, offers and more.
  • ​You can be Unapologetic about pursuing Your Passion and living Your Dream

Our amazing community will become your Tribe of Amazing Female Leaders

If you can say yes to any of this, you are at the right place, at the right time for the Goddess Club:

  • Are you excited about Growth?
  • ​Are you passionate about living your “why?”
  • ​Are you committed to Your Best Life and Your Best You?
  • ​Are you committed to learning?
  • ​Are you inspired to start a business?
  • ​Would you love to Scale your Business?
  • ​Are you excited about mutual support and encouragement?
  • ​Are you passionate about collaborating with other women?
  • ​Do you have a Unique Gift to share with the World?
  • ​Do you uplift others?  
  • ​Are you ready to Sail Through This Time Without Suffering, or paying too much?

“I’ve had such a positive change in my energy and life force since Sunday. I was so angry and hurting among other things, and although it’s not fixed, I feel such a positive and excited hope about all of this. Thank you so much. I originally joined as I need to make drastic changes in my relationship with my partner. Now after Sunday, I feel I must make drastic changes in my relationship with ME! Ha. With some answers I feel so relieved and happy. Thank you for this gift.
Thanks again and I am so excited about this. It’s life changing. The affirmations are on my walls and I say them everyday. Thanks for putting the joy in my soul again.” Debra H, Australia


The Areti Goddess club was created by Tula Tzoras, founder of Areti Goddess Events Pty Ltd, Mentor/Coach, Claircognizant & Empath. She is passionate about empowering women to create a healthy balance in the world, vital to our cultural survival. Tula launched this company at age 52, her first and has published online courses with a power Goddess Formula to Thrive, empowering countless women! 

Benefits of Membership

  • ​Find collaboration possibilities
  • ​Download, release and power On 
  • ​Get featured in our Case Study for the Rise of Female Leaders 
  • ​You get to do weekly Facebook Lives and share your links
  • ​Access and Discounts to All Resources…and so much more!

 "I have had the pleasure to be coached and mentored by Tula now for nearly a year . Tula is a highly skilled mentor and coach , who has always shown commitment and dedication to the transformation of my life. Tula’s approach is unique as she uses a combination of holistic healing at a cellular level with education to accelerate personal growth and development in all areas of life . 
Thank you so much Tula for your help thus far, and I look forward to becoming the best version of myself with your guidance, mentoring and help". Barbara I, Australia

What You Get...

  • ​Your First Month FREE
  • ​The Areti Goddess Guide FREE to Create New Neural Pathways for your Best Life
  • ​A Private Facebook Group dedicated to the Goddess Club
  • ​A Free Discovery Session with Tula Tzoras 
  • ​An Individual Action Plan
  • ​Individual Goals Set
  • ​Join Facebook Live as an Expert  
  • ​Go Live on Facebook Weekly 
  • ​Your Case Study for the Rise of Female Leaders Interview 
  • ​Additional Multi Media Resources
  • ​Discounts to Online Courses and Events
  • ​A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​…and more coming soon

All of this will surely Empower You Goddess!

ONLY $97/month with Your First Month Free

If you have a burning desire to Grow and Thrive, achieve success and inspire other amazing women, sign up for our Areti Goddess Club now and be part of the "New Era"

"I have had the pleasure to attend several of Tula’s workshops. I have always felt engaged and informed, she is professional and delivers with warmth passion and enthusiasm. Her content is sound and she is well versed in her topics. I find I’m uplifted and she is relating to me personally. Tula demonstrates presence she is articulate generates great energy and is entertaining. Serious when required however can communicate with a sense of fun and humour. Highly recommended." Michelle J, Australia

Our Goddess Club Guide for 
You as a Member

  • Refer your friends and be rewarded financially
  • ​Always use the Impeccable Word, about you and everyone else
  • ​No personal, unsolicited advice
  • ​Be considerate of time when sharing
  • ​Put your Non- judgement hat on
  • ​Agree on Confidentiality, what happens in the Club, stays in the Club!
  • ​Offer value to the members and our growing Facebook Group, no spam! 
  • ​Collaborate with members by referring or connecting
  • ​Stick to the rules and feel free to ask questions
  • ​Be creative  


"Tula is an incredibly passionate, dedicated and inspiring coach and facilitator. Through the Goddess series of events, specifically tailored to women seeking empowerment and self-worth, Tula delivers powerful and compelling content coupled with a suite of tools that target right at the core of what we as women deeply desire and deserve. To be the best we can be and to embody the true essence of our inner Goddess." Marie P, Australia

Be Rewarded for Referrals

A full Month's Membership Fee ($97) per referral!  



(Normally $350/Month)

Only $97/month
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