Goddess Experiences

Areti Goddess Events Pty Ltd

Goddess Experiences

Our Goddesses are collaborative, supportive, empowering women. These experiences provide Social Occasions to get together and enjoy time, bond with amazing women and Network. 

Goddess Experiences are especially designed to provide feelings of Joy, Well-being and Confidence. 

Coming Up

Join us at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney April 6 at 5pm! Tickets are Free when you register here: https://tickets.lup.com.au/sydney-mbs-april-2019?coupon=SA19C01&quiet=2&j=81818&sfmc_sub=32015549&l=1115_HTML&u=2064547&mid=100005787&jb=112&utm_source=Marketing_Cloud&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=

Tula Tzoras will be Speaking on How to Boost Your Confidence and Transform Relationships. You will discover the Impact of Self-Worth, how to Boost it and experience Harmonious Relationships. So bring your Notebooks and join us in the Speakers Lounge! 

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