Speaking Topics

Topic: Obstacles to Inspiration

How do we turn lemons into lemonade? Tula turns perception upside down in a few easy steps! Let’s face it, things happen all the time, what would we rather? This is Tula’s Signature Speech, jam packed with cognitive tools to turn every experience from nightmare to Nirvana, or Hell to Heaven. Imagine the Benefit this will bring to difficult work, home, life situations, from one who has experienced major life road blocks and transformed them into the greatest gifts! Dr. Deepak Chopra says, when we stop classifying things as right or wrong, good or bad we experience Peace…

Topic: Conquer the #1 Fear! Public Speaking

Tula is an experienced Speaker, Presenter and actor. In this keynote speech she shares the tools you need to conquer that fear!  Learn the steps to a winning Speech and Presentation skills for that Perfect Presentation. Tula brings her Performance, Corporate and Mindset Experience togethter to give you a fully rounded take away Education. Her published article was constantly retweeted, even by Toastmasters. If you run a Business, you must be able to Talk About It…


Topic: The Truth About Acting

Tula Tzoras is a Professional Actor with an extensive history and experience in the Business of Acting. She has taught Graduates at the ACTT and coached students on a one on one basis. The Business of Acting is a true Character Building Journey. As Actors we face more Rejection than most, the uncertainty of being in and out of work, the self doubt of second guessing every Casting we Really Want to Win and the list goes on. We are obliged to be as tough as nails and as sensitive as our Character. Now with mind set keys and the best tools to set you free, Tula brings this 90- minute Presentation to Turbo Boost your Career. 

Topic: Ladies time to Rise and Shine!

We are Goddess, yet we give our power away, when we can be All of who we are in Authenticity. Find out what stops us, why its not our fault and how we can transform our health, wealth and relationships, with tips you can take away and put to practice immediately . Confidence Wins Ladies and this is a certain Boost! Walk out feeling Amazing! You Deserve it!

Topic: You are a Work of Art and Your Life is Your Masterpiece

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”


Do you keep repeating a Pattern that doesn’t serve you? Are you stuck in a life you are just resigned to? Did you think life would be like this? Is there something you always dreamt of doing? Its not your fault and you will discover why and what you can do to transform your life into freedom, joy and authenticity.  Tula shares Why Doing What You Love is Success and Why Living Your Purpose Gives You Wings! Living your Soul Purpose makes you Happy! When you are happy you are on the Right Path! So What are you waiting for? Major Life Changes happen in One Second! “Its Over” , “I’ve had enough”, “I’m Out”, “Will you Marry Me?” Life Really is Too Short! Do you have time to waste another minute? It’s all about Choice. What is the Choice you make for your Life? It really Is Up To You!

Topic: Is your job stressing you out? Get on top of Anxiety!

Experiencing panic attacks from a young age, Tula has spent her adult life in personal growth and brings you the most effective tools to achieve an instant calm! Her article on Anxiety was published in two magazines, tweeted and re-tweeted and is available on the Shop Page.

Topic: How to Rescue your Relationship

Tula’s published article on relationships went viral online. Having spent two years in a program on relationships, Tula now shares her tips on creating your own masterpiece and living the love you deserve. Every relationship is a mirror, we are the creators of our existence, why not make it a work of Art?


If you are looking for energy, passion and a commitment to helping others to be all they can be, then Tula Tzoras is the perfect fit. Check out Tula’s Testimonials!

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