I so enjoyed taking part in Tula’s heart filled event, not only as a one of the presenters but meeting and sharing our journeys to empowerment gave me so much gratitude. Preventing female poverty through knowledge is the key to happiness now and the future #MartaMadison
“A fun Day filled with great content and bonding with great women” Antonia Sprem

“Great vibes & sweet ladies to be surrounded by” #RachelSala

“I’ve had such a positive change in my energy and life force since Sunday. I was so angry and hurting among other things, and although it’s not fixed, I feel such a positive and excited hope about all of this. Thank you so much. I originally joined as I need to make drastic changes in my relationship with my partner. Now after Sunday, I feel I must make drastic changes in my relationship with ME! Ha. With some answers I feel so relieved and happy. Thank you for this gift.
Thanks again and I am so excited about this. It’s life changing. The affirmations are on my walls and I say them everyday. Thanks for putting the joy in my soul again.” Debra Hattingh

Working with Tula was great, she is a real professional and added to our event in more ways than just an MC.
Bright, energetic, intuitive, all fabulous assets when you need a corporate MC. Looking forward to working with her again.
Thank you for your professionalism and enthusiasm as an MC”

Kylie Ann Mayer

Event Producer, Mayhem Corp for The Property Buyer Expo

 “Tula is a flamboyant and fun character on stage, she gave a lot of energy when MC’ing our “Hottest Hunk” finale. We also engaged her services for a Vox Pop segment at a large event at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. She was great!”

Blush Creative

I would like to do a testimonial on Tula Tzoras as one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever met. I have two components to Tula that I need to advertise and unconditionally praise. The first is that Tula is the most pledged women that I can ever recommend to people for relying on professionally. When Tula Tzoras takes you on as a client you will have your career, personal life and goals transform to a platform that will elevate your desires professionally and personally. If you need a Master of Ceremonies (MC) or a speaker Tula Tzoras is incredibly experienced, dynamic and proficient celebrity that will lead any situation with her malleable talents. I have attended Tula’s Inspirational Speeches that embrace overcoming obstacles. I was able to take this information and apply it to my real life and as a result had incredible outcomes and a support line from Tula when required. Tula is not only a master in training and speeches but ardent, enthusiastic and articulate. All of her tools have been relevant and informative. I would be elated for people to contact me for further information at: facebykb@gmail.com

Kerry Billett

Makeup Artist and Stylist

I attended the ‘How to deal with stage fright’ Seminar that Tula Tzoras ran earlier this year. Her words and advice from her experiences in the Acting and Entertainment Industry were really great! Her book is really great with really helpful hints and advice after each chapter and she referred back to it during the Seminar.

I love learning from others experiences and getting her inside view on the industry has been really helpful in my own journey getting into Extras and Acting jobs. She is a great encourager and tutor. She commands an audience and someone I look up to.

Kindest regards, Sarah Jehan
From Barbara Illiopoulos 
I have had the pleasure to be coached and mentored by Tula now for nearly a year . Tula is a highly skilled mentor and coach , who has always shown commitment and dedication to the transformation of my life. Tula’s approach is unique as she uses a combination of holistic healing at a cellular level with education to accelerate personal growth and development in all areas of life . 
Thank you so much Tula for your help thus far, and I look forward to becoming the best version of myself with your guidance, mentoring and help . 🙏❤️

I have been to Tula’s book launch and her Obstacles to Inspiration Seminar. Tula is very enthusiastic and passionate about her work and this shines through and captivates her audience. She has great ability to get the best out of her participants and turn things around when someone is being disruptive or not quite understanding.

Anna Di Bartolo demartini

Being a photographer I had to perfect my public speaking. Tula’s ability to take leanings, explain them in a way that is practical helped me to eliminate my fear. I highly recommend Tula as a Speaker and your coach.

Linda Papagna

I have had the pleasure to attend several of Tula’s workshops. I have always felt engaged and informed, she is professional and delivers with warmth passion and enthusiasm. Her content is sound and she is well versed in her topics. I find I’m uplifted and she is relating to me personally. Tula demonstrates presence she is articulate generates great energy and is entertaining. Serious when required however can communicate with a sense of fun and humour. Highly recommended.
Michelle James

Tula Tzoras is a gifted public speaker. I have had the pleasure of being part of her book launch and other Seminars and have been personally coached by her. Her ability to make you understand the issues that stop you from reaching your full potential is amazing. I feel blessed to have such a gifted person to have my back bless u Tula .
Marque Caban

Tula is a lovely woman and speaks well and very clear and her testimonies have been great, thank you Tula.
Craig Hardy

Tula has always been tireless, inspired, encouraging, extraordinarily creative. An inspiration to all that come in touch with her at her Seminars.
Marcus Cloherty

I’m a graduate from ACTT where Tula has taught, this is where I met her. Coming out of college I was really scared and nervous about what my future may hold. It was great to read Tula’s book The Truth About Acting, where she discusses similar feelings about her career that I had about mine as well as how she overcame them and what she could have done differently.

I then attended her Seminar where she discussed positive and negative energy and how to harness the positives in your life and recognizing them both and change obstacles to Inspiration. This is very important for Actors, who can often feel self-doubt in their career.
Krystie Grubba

I have attended 3 events where Tula has been the Speaker and I always feel she is and has very positive energy and very easy to listen to and be enlightened by the subject matter.
Anna Ravenscroft

I have been to two of Tula’s Seminars, one on Obstacles to Inspiration and one on How to Conquer Stage Fright for Public Speaking. She is a very warm and personable Speaker who involves her audience, is passionate, provides very sound tools and is a joy in general. Her approach on shifting perceptions alone is priceless. Her authenticity a gift. I recommend Tula as your MC or Keynote Speaker. She is the Inspirer’s Inspiration!
Mandy Tsoukatos

Joe Hallows:

I am very grateful to have found an inspiring and joyful coach to work with such as Tula. She has opened my eyes to the possibility that each moment has, and has guided me to connect with my creative essence, mind, body and soul. I no longer see the world through other people and I feel liberated to follow the path that I desire, not the path others want me to tread. I step into each day free of judgement of myself and others, excited to make mistakes, because when I succeed I know it has come from the right place. Thank you Tula for making me a bold person and a strong Actor.
Sofia Altamirano‪

Thank you Tula for your wise words when I most needed! You said something to me that just clicked and made me realised too many things….. Luv!

Kerry Billett :

Tula, I wanted to post on your facebook for the world to see…. Tula is the most incredible, strong and colorful woman that I could have ever met. They say you meet people for a reason. well from meeting Tula I now understand that. Tula is the most versatile and strong women I have ever met. Her strength drives me to succeed. She not only inspires me to achieve my dreams but also is a mentor that drives you! Tula has offered me her services to open my business and has been able to open my websites and every element of media available!!! If anyone is ever after a powerhouse that has invested time into knowing every opportunity the world has to offer, down to successful businesses, acting, self growth, happiness etc. Tula is your women. Its simple Tula… since meeting you, you have made me a better person.

Taddeh Vartarians , Actor: ‪

Tula‘s a truly remarkable person and mentor too

What readers have to say about The Truth About Acting:

OMG This book give great advice on how to bring out the spirit of your character, whether that be on film, television or on the theatre stage. My suggestion is to get this book and read it. Good for reviewing your acting skills at any stage that your need the much needed helpful advice. Paul Scates

5.0 out of 5 stars Usefull spirituality meets acting, September 6, 2014

This review is from: The Truth About Acting: How Acting and Spirituality Fuse to Propel You (Paperback) If you are interested in the field of acting, this is the book for you! I love the authors down to earth practical advise and her mantra “persistence beats resistance.” With intention and attention anything is possible, even a successful acting career. This book offers a gentle attitude adjustment and is a recommended read for anyone studying or considering embarking on the career path of acting. Kelly Green ‪

Hi Tula, your book was hand delivered to the farm a week after ordering it, and today I finished reading it while swinging in the hammock. It’s more than a book just for actors, it is inspirational, enlightening, and a pathway to further reading for everyone.

This book was so great i couldn’t put it down in till i read it all. I have learned so much about the Acting industry. i really enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend every one to read it.
bembo2, Avondale Heights VIC

This is a very helpful book and a good read. It has helped my obtain a greater understanding of the industry and will allow me to provide better support for my budding young actor. He is in the processes of reading the book and I know it will only help him to succeed. I recommend the book for all parents of children who wish to persue a career in performing arts.
Michelle, Rydalmere NSW

I just read your book Tula. Thank you for sharing your story and the lessons you learnt, it’s very inspirational and it gives peace about the meaning of the all the chaos surrounding us. I’ve felt compelled to your story of Chronic fatigue syndrome.
Florence Kermet, former Student ACTT.

Tula Tzoras has written the most extraordinary and valuable book for anyone who wishes to work in the acting profession. It is helpful, insightful, and full of terrific advice. I thoroughly recommend it.
Tony Knight, Former Head of Acting, NIDA

Thank you so much!
Hello Tula! It’s an honor to meet you!!
I just finished reading your book and being so inspired after it was trying to find out some more information about you, some contacts just to express how very thankful I am for your book! and I was pleasantly surprised to find you here!! I want to say that your book is very helpful, useful, inspiring and powerful and THANK YOU so much for sharing your valuable experiences! I’ve always wanted to be an actress and now pushing any doubts and fears away I decided to take an action on my dream and your book is just a gift for anyone who’s in position like this when you have no idea what first action to take, where to begin, what to learn and so on.. Thank you for being so generous and kind, people like you make this world a better place!! We are all one and make a difference! Thank you so much! God bless you!
❤ Lyusyena

I should say I really enjoyed what I read and I’m not even the target market for the book! I really like the mix of story/anecdotes and then practical tips. I think it really humanises what could otherwise be like any other “how to “ book. I also think it resonates that you’ve had such a broad range of experience in the industry. I really love your tone of voice – its personable, easy to read and you get a feel for your personality. You had me laughing quite a bit, I loved the thought of the barman and that bottle of champagne! I think pieces of writing like that, that really allow a reader to experience a moment, are gems.
Kimberly Palmer
Brazen Productions

Your book is lovely – so positive and clear and a really good guide. I love all the subheadings which are very factual, your choices to make etc. The opening is very upbeat and the close very much so also, so it’s a good message. Great personal insight into you and the business and I laughed at your first touring stories – ordering champagne in country pubs and taking too much luggage!
Nicolas Papademetriou

It’s a fantastic book, which should be in every aspiring actor’s
bookshelf. And for those ‘seasoned’ performers who might be feeling a
bit down right now. Read it, and be inspired all over again!
Great stuff. Most impressive! I can see it comes straight
from your heart too, which only adds to its strength.
Leonora Jackson

When I read Tula’s book about her experiences as a young actor I realized how invaluable it would be as a guide for our students.
Caroline Johansson
Course Administrator 
Actors College of Theatre & Television

Wow what an amazing Actor’s bible to have next to your bed! Full of insightful hints and words of wisdom crucial for when you’re first starting out… I wish this had been around 20 years ago when I was first treading the boards! It’s all about having confidence and this little gem ensures you’re leaping in the right direction! A must for any inspiring actor.
Jodie Dorday, Actor

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