The Truth About Acting

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It is unique in this Genre, merging Acting with Spirituality and giving you tools for career and your creative life, using specific examples from my own career. The Truth About Acting has Awesome Reviews!

 Here is a Testimonial from Joe Hallows about the Book and his Coaching:

I am very grateful to have found an inspiring and joyful coach to work with such as Tula. She has opened my eyes to the possibility that each moment has, and has guided me to connect with my creative essence, mind, body and soul. I no longer see the world through other people and I feel liberated to follow the path that I desire, not the path others want me to tread. I step into each day free of judgement of myself and others, excited to make mistakes, because when I succeed I know it has come from the right place. Thank you Tula for making me a bold person and a strong Actor.

The Truth About Acting is Tula’s second book, and it’s an even more powerful career and life guide than the first. Tula shares her own experiences in TV, film, theatre, and auditions, giving actors practical career advice whilst focusing on the actor’s creative self. This is based on the premise that an actor’s inner life is directly aligned with an actor’s work and brand. This book is practical, holistic, and spiritual, offering actors inside Industry do’s & don’ts, step by step instructions on branding , both spiritual & practical including creating a website, how to love versus dread Auditions and Your Own Secret Weapon to Absolute Success. According to Tula the only limits one has to contend with are within our very own imaginations.

From Paul Scates

OMG This book give great advice on how to bring out the spirit of your character, whether that be on film, television or on the theatre stage. My suggestion is to get this book and read it. Good for reviewing your acting skills at any stage that your need the much needed helpful advice.

For Testimonials

Luckily, creativity and spirituality go hand in hand, most certainly for the actor. In The Truth About Acting, you will get all the practical industry and holistic life tools to have an extraordinary life and career as an actor or artist! There is nothing Tula wishes more for you. That is why she has faced the confronting task of telling ALL.



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