The Areti Goddess Events Program

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For Personal & Professional Transformation also offered as a Monthly Membership


This program will take you on a Transformational Journey spanning for well over a year, in fact you have VIP Access for 3 Years if you enrol for the Full Program! An Online coaching and Offline Events program, with Individual Action Plans, Goals, Daily Practice to clear negative beliefs and patterns and replace them with Your Life of Ease and Grace, akin to a Work of Art. Experience tangible, measurable results. 

Isn't it Time you were Your Own Boss? You Are A Leader! You Deserve the Best! 

Become Fully equipped to access your Authentic Power, with the  Skills, Tools, Experts, Confidence and Independence to be Your Own Boss in every way and Create your Ideal Future! 

 Don’t join half of our middle aged women ageing in poverty, or suffer as 1 in 4 of us do in Intimate Relationship, let alone health issues with over half of us overweight. Now is the Time!

 It takes 21 Days to Make or Break a Pattern… let alone a lifetime of conditioning!

We don’t know what we don’t know and if we keep doing the same things expecting different results, its crazy! It is rare that we have all of the most important areas in life Empowered. 

 What You Get:

  • Your Goddess Notebook with Elements to Practice and a full list of Resources
  • Breakthrough techniques for Accelerated Results
  • Experts at your Disposal
  • Free Access to our Events with your Guests Free
  • Free Video Footage when you miss an Event
  • Access to our closed Areti Goddess Events Facebook Group
  • Regular Updates and Tips by email
  • Weekly Action Plans
  • Resources
  • Webinars
  • Weekly half hour online mentoring
  • Networking with women empowering women
  • VIP SEATING with Access to the Experts
  • Entertainment at the Events
  • Refreshments
  • Lifetime Access (offer ends soon)!
  • A Certificate of Completion
  •  Empowering, Entertaining Events/ Workshops in a beautiful atmosphere of wellbeing including Self-Worth and Image, Relationship, Super Health,  Access your Purpose, Business Tools, Business Accelerators, Successful Job Procurement,  Wealth Creation, Public Speaking,  Presentation, Marketing, Branding, the full Picture for Amazing Success.

What would be the cost of NOT RECONDITIONING YOUR MIND?


Your Outcomes

1. Boost your Confidence and Self Worth
2. You will learn to love Your Image, what suits you best and How to Dress for Success. 3. You will transform relationships at home, at work, with family and friends.

4. You will learn about alternative Options to bring you to perfect Health and Vitality. 5. You will Eliminate Negative Beliefs and Patterns.
6. You will Access your Unique Talent, Your Purpose and Passion.
7. You will Learn How to Start a Business and Grow it.

8. You will learn how to Grow your Wealth.
9. You will Conquer your Fear of Public Speaking and Speak with Authenticity and Passion. 10. You will learn Presentation Skills.
11. You will learn how to Pitch your Business Idea to Camera.
12. You will Learn about Marketing and Branding.
13. You will do a Photo Shoot for your Publicity Image.
14. You will leave with the Full Package and your Certificate of Completion!

My purpose is to bring you everything I can to Empower You! I am constantly testing, researching, finding more and more and I want to give it all to you!


Everything you need to Thrive!

Just look at the Testimonials! Here is just one! 

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