Weekly Group Online Coaching!

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Begin with your Complimentary Pow Wow session , get to the bottom of things quickly and discover how to fix them. You will Receive a Free, Personalised Action Plan when you Subscribe! 


Start with a One on One Empowering Coaching Session and work with a Signed Agreement and Personal Action Plan toward your Goals. Experience Measurable Results and Become Your Own Best Coach! 


This Offering is for Those who want to Boost Self-Worth and Transform Relationships and are Committed to Personal Growth and Transformation, willing to put in the time and practice required for Amazing Results. None of us escape Negative Feedback, which is programmed into our brain in the first few years of life. This creates Negative Patterns and Beliefs we perpetuate, unconscious drivers, affecting all areas of life, through no fault of our own, because we don't know what we don't know.

It is called conditioning and though we do our best to solve problems with what we know, we find ourselves Stuck in unhappy situations. One great way to know if we have blindspots is to check in to areas of life and decide whether we have what we know we deserve in these areas? If not, chances are you have a Blindspot and that's where a Coach comes in to Empower you!

  • Are you Feeling Stuck?
  • Do you find it difficult to Assert Yourself?
  • Do you feel bullied? Victimised?
  • Do you suffer from Anxiety?
  • Are you fearful of the Future?
  • Do your relationships suffer?
  • Do you feel the need to be Right?
  • Do you feel the need to Defend Yourself?
  • Do you feel Fat, or Unattractive?
  • Do you give yourself a hard time?

Low Self-Worth affects all Areas of Life 

The Good News!

You can Recondition your Mind! You can Change Your Mind and Change your Life! Of course a lifetime of conditioning takes daily practice and time to recondition. That is why this Offering is for Weekly Online Coaching with a Free Consultation to begin and Individual Action Plans, Goal Setting and Measurable Results to Follow. Enjoy connecting with other like minded people on your Journey and bouncing off each other. If you have Internet access, you are set!

Tula Tzoras has found that it takes a variety of Techniques to achieve Authentic Transformation. You will not be bored! Connect with others Weekly and discuss your Progress putting your Plan to Action! So no matter where you are located, you can join our Group of collaborative, encouraging and empowering women! Make the change to Personal Transformation in 2019! Begin Now with your Free Consultation! Wishing you Amazing Success! 

Your Outcomes

You will become Your Own Creator, taking daily steps toward a better and better life, as your Own Best Coach! You will get to Know Yourself and and live on Purpose. Revel in the Joy of Life, living in the moment. You will love the skin you are in, be Self-Loving not Selfish. You will treat your body, mind and spirit as a divine temple, making conscious choices to honour You.

Stand tall, proud of who you Are in full Confidence and Authenticity. Transforming relationship with yourself will reflect on every relationship you have, whether it's family, work, friends or Love. Practicing Self-Referral will eliminate any need for approval, taking things personally, engaging in gossip and drama, having to defend yourself or have the last word. Can you imagine the Relief you will feel?

You will be FREE! Happy, in your Full Power, passionate, creative, fully expressed, feminine, successful, practicing non- judgement, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, in balance, with an Open Heart. Inspiration will be your constant companion, you will not believe just How Amazing Your Are! 

Wouldn't you like to wake up with excitement? This work is Sacred and it feels great, so take this journey with likeminded, collaborative, amazing People like you! Change your mind and change your life!



  • One free Discovery Session to determine your goals and challenges like limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Devising an Individual Action Plan
  • Setting Goals
  • Weekly Sessions
  • Resources (articles, videos, webinars, emails, tips etc)
  • A signed agreement 
  • Measurable Results
  • Celebration of Wins
  • Discounts to events and workshops
  • Access to private groups and more!




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