Your Launch Invitation

Your Launch Invitation

by TULA TZORAS January 03, 2020

2020 Is Yours!

You are Cordially Invited to our Launch! Sydney Ladies, this will be on Monday evening and you can Register here! I would love to see you if you are free!

For everyone else, our Launch will happen Online! Here's how to Book!

Last year I completed what was the most challenging and rewarding Project of my Life, what I have decided will be my Legacy. I am so overjoyed to have it ready for you just in time for our New Year and New Decade! I would love you to be a part of it! I refer to the Areti Goddess Online Program, empowering women to change our Statistics. 
Our Launch is Here!
You are Invited to Begin your Year with a Huge Boost as we launch next Week and we would love you to join us! To Celebrate, you can have 80% off if you Book Now!
Here's how to Book: Areti Goddess Online Program

How Would you like to be your own Best Coach? To Smash your Goals?

GUESS WHAT? Your Goals are directly related to the health of your Self Love. It takes time and daily practice to change our mind after a lifetime of conditioning and trust me when I say, nothing changes until we do!

Experience 9 Weeks of constant affirmation and reinforcement. If you are committed to your Better Self, this is perfect for you! 2020 is Yours Goddess!

▪ Begin with your One on One session to set your Goals and your own Action Plan.
▪ Demolish those Negative Patterns and Beliefs from your mind, body and spirit!
▪ With group online coaching & 9 Modules in your own space and time.
▪ Self-Worth & Image, including overcoming Eating Disorders, Styling
*Relationships, including Transforming Intimate Relationships, Dealing with irrational people, Love & Love Addiction, Dating

▪ Super Health, above and beyond conventional medicine
▪ Purpose and Passion
▪ Business Tools to do What you Love, including Tips for Networking, Motivation and Procrastination
*Public Speaking, Presentation

▪ Marketing
▪ Branding
*Pitching and Photography

the full package

Featuring expert Tips from Celebrity Relationship expert Samantha Jayne from The Bachelor TV show, Brand for Brands, Hunter & Scribe and more, led by Tula Tzoras.



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