October 11, 2018


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Amazing Goddesses, 
I hope this finds you well and super happy! I am so excited our amazing Circle of Empowering Goddesses is growing, what a great evening we had together! My only regret was that it was too short. 
IN NEWS I am formulating the monthly Program membership for our Super Group! Stay tuned for that, though you can book for the 12 month program at half the price with Lifetime Access right now! I am passionate about providing you with all the tools, skills, experts and opportunities I can.

YOUR HELP: We started with a full day on Sundays for the events, as that was what was preferred at the time. After feedback we decided on half day on Tuesdays. What is best for you Amazing Goddesses?

1. Full Day
2. Half Day
 3. Which Day
 4. AM or PM?

Meanwhile, here is the link for the Speech I made at the Mind Body Spirit Festival for you, full of tips to practice! 
The Areti Goddess Events Program is 50% off right now with an AMAZING GIFT! LIFETIME ACCESS FOR A LIMITED TIME! here is the link:

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