My Published Article #Heaven or #Hell!

My Published Article #Heaven or #Hell!

by Tula Tzoras August 13, 2018

Heaven Or Hell? What is your Choice?

By Tula Tzoras

How both Heaven and Hell are right here on earth and in our minds.
The human journey varies from person to person. Some things however, we may be sure of, as certain as we are of taxes. Regardless of religious or cultural belief, geography or conditioning, humans experience similar feelings and it has little to do with the situation at hand. It is my humble opinion that we experience heaven and hell right here on earth and in our very own minds. We also have the gift of choice. Which would you choose?

Allow me to elaborate!

Life is full of what we call good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark, elation and despair, opposites. Shit Happens! Here is a thought, we need both sides of the coin, lest we do not recognise their value. For instance, how would we know something is good if we didn’t know its counterpart? Now imagine we go further and instead of judging things as good and bad, we accept them as they are. What happens to all the mind chatter? It’s gone! How would silencing the mind make life easier? Please allow me to give you both sides of the coin.

A journey into Hell

All we need do is watch the news. On a global scale, we see economies crashing, corruption, war, poverty, devastation, disease and climate change. Natural disasters ravaging the earth, genetically modified food, murder, all adding up to human suffering.

On a personal level, so many things can go wrong every day. We can lock ourselves out, find ourselves without a single set of keys to our name, our car may break down, we may not have food to eat, someone to protect us, we may be abused, we may be a slave to addiction, we may kill or steal, we may lose our home due to natural disaster, we may lose millions, we may be betrayed, deceived, misjudged, made into a scapegoat, a patsy, a victim, we may lose loved ones, our children. There are a million situations we can draw from as a time we actually think we are in hell.

In extreme situations of life and death, we are fortunate to have a survival instinct. In other situations however, there are a number of obstacles inherent in our upbringing, conditioning, culture, and religion or experience for instance, which may be making our lives miserable or driving us crazy.

Hell is Fear

Let us assume that we have the power. Let us assume that we are the Driver in our life. Now I am going to ask you a question: Who or what is driving you?

When we are growing up we are like little sponges, susceptible to picking up all the rubbish in our environment. When we arrive in the world, we are pure love and joy, hence when our care givers discipline us, place their control mechanisms on us, tell us what they believe to be true as the way it is, we simply accept it. That is how we begin to create our story of the world, which of course is, only a story, as the only truth is love.

It is said that most people wake up feeling something is wrong. Where can we go from there? Fear can cause panic and anxiety attacks. Our thoughts can destroy us, make us sick, immobilise us. How do we feel about ourselves?

Do we feel better or worse than the next person? Do we feel good enough to accept love or abundance? Does our internal dialogue tell us how hopeless, out of control, bad, useless, fat, ugly we are? Do we think ‘what’s in it for me’? Are we obsessed with money, work, sex and success?

These are called Limiting Beliefs and they can be Hell!
These beliefs can result in all sorts of destructive behaviour. We may become addicted to drama. When we are addicted to drama, we are constantly reacting to people, places and things. We are naming them, blaming them and shaming them. The focus is always outside ourselves and we are the victims. Our lives become one huge roller coaster and we don’t have the brakes.

Perhaps we have grown up to believe that without money there is no security in life and if we don’t amass money we are a failure. We may go to any lengths to do that, by cheating other people, working all hours, sacrificing our loved ones, our lives or worse.

There are severe situations where we have been abused and graduate to all sorts of addictions, and or become the abuser. When a child is abused it develops feelings of worthlessness, abandonment, mistrust, betrayal, associates pain with love. Where do we find those children as adults?

Is it the domestic violence case we see on the news, the exotic dancer at the club, and the alcoholic on the street, begging for money to buy a drink when he is homeless? Is it the drug addict prostituting him or her? Is it the sex, food, work, drug, gambling addict? It is every person who feels terrible and cannot imagine feeling any better. It is mental illness. It is the convict in prison.

So driver, where is your attention? Is it in the past? Is the past recreating itself over and over? What if I was to tell you, you are your attention? What if you could shift your focus?

Depending on your personal situation and belief system, these life long patterns do take some dedicated work to give way to heaven. I happen to know this as a fact. So why would you bother, isn’t the Devil you know better? You decide.

Now for the good news!

A Journey into Heaven
I am going to ask you to shift your attention now to the silver lining you forgot about when that ‘tragedy’ happened. How do I know there was a silver lining? You are still here and further it has shaped you into who you are, which can only be a gift. So think about that tragedy and find the gift. For instance, when you could not help yourself and your friends “abandoned” you, help came from unexpected people and they became loyal friends.

What happens when something goes wrong? If we don’t panic, we become resourceful. We focus our attention on the solution and we realise that there is always a solution, that we have choices. We make millions of choices all the time; it is just that we are not always aware of it.

How do we trust that the choice we make is the right choice? Fortunately, our magnificent bodies have a wonderful way of letting us know, by making us feel good or bad. All we have to do is listen to ourselves. We are pretty amazing after all. We can trust that we will make the correct choice for ourselves just by checking in to our feelings. A good question to ask is whether the choice we make is helpful to others or ourselves.

Heaven is Love

How then do we experience heaven and stop fearing people, places and things? I believe it is in Self-Referral. What is self-referral? It is practicing love for us and making ourselves the reference point, saving our energy, rather than placing it on external circumstances or people. What happens when you practice self-referral? Suddenly drama is eliminated from your life.

When we love ourselves, we don’t need to react to things or defend ourselves. We already know who we are and we take responsibility for our actions and our feelings, which belong to us alone. We recognise what is ours and what belongs to others. Now we don’t need to take it on board. We also don’t need to judge others.

How do we begin to love ourselves? By getting to know us! Does it sound too easy? Perhaps it is. We all come from one source and we are all part of a whole. In fact, though we are separate, we are all connected.

We may begin by doing little things for ourselves. Things we like, like giving ourselves a treat. We may begin to ask whether the action we are taking is loving to us? A great example of that is smoking. Have you ever tried asking your body how it feels about smoking? Any guesses on the answer? Perhaps we are in an uncomfortable situation. We can honour ourselves by removing ourselves rather than tolerating it, unless the discomfort is something we need to work on for a greater good.

The easiest way to access our true nature and connect to our higher intelligence is through meditation. Meditation usually requires deep and slow breathing and that is the key.

Whether you prefer meditation or sitting in silence for a period every day, breathing deeply and slowly will connect you to your source, promote inspiration and creativity and raise your vibration. If you couple that with visualisation, creating pictures and feelings of what you would love in your mind, you can literally fly! The sky is the limit. In fact the only limits we have are in our own imagination. It is said breathing also heals the body of disease.

When we connect to our source, we can’t help but love ourselves, because all we feel is love. In fact love is all there is. Wouldn’t it follow then that we go where the love is, that we focus our attention on love? When we experience love, it is difficult not to love others. Soon we realise that what we withhold from others, we withhold from ourselves. If we express anger, we are unkind, unfair, disrespectful or even abusive, that is what we do to ourselves. Knowing that makes such a difference!

Now we know ourselves and we are practicing self-referral. We become authentic and present, we are no longer threatened by others. We do our best and life becomes a magical dream. We operate with integrity, honesty, honour, kindness and love. We begin to feel gratitude and that attracts more of what we love.

Suddenly we appreciate the little things we always took for granted, like our soft bed, our warm towel or the hot shower. We truly see our surroundings, the sunshine, the vibrancy of the flowers, we hear birds singing, nature becomes so full and loud the more we connect to our universe.

We can give thanks for so many things, like the magical air we breathe for a start. If you ever feel depressed, gratitude is a great way to pull yourself out of it. In fact gratitude may be applied to any situation with success, seeing the best in your partner for example. Another way to stop focussing on your plight is to go into service for another human being. There is usually someone worse off.

As others are no longer a threat, we can help them, go into service for them. When our fellow human experiences a tragedy we can feel compassion for their suffering. The more we practice self-referral and love, the more we have to give and the more we connect ourselves to our universe.

We can accept people and things as they are. No longer are they good or bad, right or wrong. What a relief.

That is why I believe heaven and hell are within us. Although we may become familiar with negative patterns and want to repeat them, happiness is a choice and I believe it is worth making. It can transform your existence into magic and make anything possible for you. It takes consistent practice to change our cognitive thinking it is not hard work however. The more we experience heaven the more we focus on transcending our human drama. All we need to remember is where our focus is and what we are doing, thinking, saying. If we stay in the present, we are on the right track.

I wish you Heavenly happiness.
Tula Tzoras is the Author of The Truth About Acting, where acting and spirituality fuse to propel you. Tula has had a successful acting career starring in several of Australia’s popular shows. She is also an experienced TV presenter, Speaker and coach. Tula is the Founder of the Areti Goddess Events Program.

Tula Tzoras
Tula Tzoras


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