How to Handle Verbal Attacks

How to Handle Verbal Attacks

November 04, 2019

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How to Handle Verbal Attacks

Do you have to deal with out of control people at work, in the family or with friends? When we are faced with verbal attacks in anger, how hard is it to refrain from getting angry, shouting and fighting back? Especially when we are dealing with the irrational! Before you know it you are crying, yelling, cursing, out of control yourself! You end up feeling sick, shattered, humiliated and scared because you lost control.
It is only natural to feel this way, because whenever we explode in anger we literally abandon ourselves. The irrational person will attack so that you lose your defence.
Your best defence is to remain calm, even outwardly. You can leave the situation for a few minutes or simply pause so that your brain has time to calm down. Couple this with deep slow breathing, in and out. You can even pause the breath after inhaling for a few beats and breathe out slowly to release the feelings you are feeling.
When you calm down, you can do a quick inventory to check your accountability in the situation. Did you overreact, take things too personally, are you responsible for anything thrown at you? Once you have done this, you can become much clearer about how best to resolve the situation. Remaining calm and even asking the irrational person if they are ok will disarm them and transform the experience.
Of course none of this is easy, as we are accustomed to reacting in certain ways. Self awareness is important here. The more we get to know ourselves, the more we check in, the more we can heal, grow and transform our relationships!

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