Goddess Experiences + More!

Goddess Experiences + More!

February 18, 2019


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Dear Goddesses, 
I hope this finds you well and super happy! In News, as well as the Areti Goddess Events Programthis year, we have now introduced Goddess Experiences! 
For more, here is the link! https://www.aretigoddessevents.com/collections/frontpage/products/goddess-experiences 
Adding to a Lifetime and Fortune spent on Personal & Spiritual Growth and training, I am now completing my Life Coaching Certification too! 
In other news, I have been invited to submit to FACS Inspirational Women Online Showcase, an honour and I will share that video with you soon.

Join me at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney, April 6 at 5pm in the Speakers Lounge.

I will be Speaking on How to Boost Your Confidence and Transform Relationships.

Entry is Free here: https://tickets.lup.com.au/sydney-mbs-april-2019?coupon=SA19C01&quiet=2&j=81818&sfmc_sub=32015549&l=1115_HTML&u=2064547&mid=100005787&jb=112&utm_source=Marketing_Cloud&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=

Embracing our Shadow

As we know, we are all made up of light and shadow. We love our jovial, friendly, compassionate, loving sides. These positive personality aspects we express are ones we are usually proud of. We love to think of ourselves as good people don't we?

It stands to reason then, that we don't much like or broadcast our Shadow selves. This is the part of us that has addictions, is angry, aggressive, sad, lonely, you get the idea. The shadow is often uncomfortable for us.

The law of Opposites exists everywhere. We, too are made up of these opposites. Problems arise when we don't accept our Shadow. This is just as valid as our Light. 
The only way to Integrate and become truly congruent and authentic is to embrace our light and shadow both. That is not to say we go out and spill our anger everywhere. This is an acceptance of self.

I hope, as always that this is empowering to you!


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