January 21, 2019

Our Evolution and the Danger of "Still"


Dear Amazing Goddesses,

I hope this finds you well and super Happy! This is a photo from our 2019 Goddess Launch Drinks on Friday with Marie and Saira! If you don't have an ACTION PLAN for 2019 Yet, be sure to Book your Free Online Consult with me and you'll have it in No Time!

Isn't Evolution amazing? When you think of the progress of humanity and the world we have created, its just astounding isn't it?

As humans we strive to make things better, to better ourselves and to improve situations. After all isn't part of our purpose to improve with time, from year to year? I am sure you know at least one person who is "Still" stuck in a situation and still complaining about it.

If something doesn't work we fix it don't we? So today I want you to take stock of the STILL people in your life, not in judgement, only in observation and think about what you would do in that situation! Remember, misery loves company...

I advise you to surround yourself with encouraging, empowering and positive people and people doing what you would love to do! I want you to be lifted and enriched. That is why I have created a safe, collaborative space to grow with Amazing Women like you!


Just like you hire a Coach for Business or a Personal Trainer...If you would like to launch into Transformation in 2019, Empower disempowered areas of your life and become the Leader you deserve to be, with all the Business Tools you Need, book your Free Consultation now and receive an Individual Action Plan ready to go !

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